Vanaf maandag 22 november 2021 start bij Tynaarlolokaal een nieuw Americana muziekprogramma met de naam, Chickadee Americana radio. Met achtergronden en informatie van de beste Americana muziek ,Presentatie en samenstelling is in handen van Jacques Mees. https://www.facebook.com/singersongwriterjacquesmees

Welcome to Chickadee Americana Radio with your host Jacques Mees. At a very young age I got interested in Folk, Country. Blues, Roots music. Started to play guitar after hearing Bob Dylan’s white album, Daddy Rollin’ Stone. Fell in love with all kinds of acoustic instruments like mandolin and banjo that I used to play in Celtic music for years. Later I did many international shows with originals, Bob Dylan Tribute and a collected a very big repertoire of songs. Since Covid there came hard times for musicians but I didn’t want to fall in a black hole. So I keep recording and releasing my music on Spotify and YouTube. And I came up with the idea “LET’S MAKE RADIO”. With all my love for good music I make a selection for a 60 minutes show every week. Together with my technical friend, Peter Rudolf Provoost. http://jacquesmees.com


Iedere Maandag van 21.00 uur tot 22.00 uur bij Tynaarloloaal 105.9 fm, kabel Ziggo 911, en via stream https://tynaarlolokaal.nl/liveplayer/liveplayer.php